The protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications.

It was specifically designed to automate the AngularJs applications but it also allows us to automate the non-Angular web applications.


Why Protractor?

1. It’s a wrapper around Selenium WebDriverJS and Selenium Server.

2. Having new locator strategies and functions specifically for Angular apps.

3. Automatic waiting can execute the next step in your test the moment the webpage finishes pending tasks.

4. Can take advantage of the Selenium grid to run multiple browsers at once.

5. Can run test on both real and headless browsers.

6. Can use Jasmine or Mocha or Cucumber to write your test.

How does Protractor work?

1. Jasmine helps to create the test

2. Protractor helps to run the test

3. Selenium Server helps to manage browsers

4. Selenium WebDriver helps to invoke browsers APIs









Advantages of Protractor:

1. Easily install and setup

2. Easily readable jasmine framework

3. Support Data-Driven test

4. Include all advantages of Selenium WebDriver

5. Support parallel testing through multiple browsers

7. Excellent speed

How to install the protractor?